Art Vinci

Why can’t I open most folders on my external hard drive?

21 Jul 2012
Windows 7
Chrome 20
21 Jul 2012 | Windows 7 | Chrome 20

I had a virus on my laptop last week. I am trying to copy / backup my external hard drive to save that data. It is a 1TB drive and I am trying to put it on a 1.5 TB drive. I have been having some problems.

For example, I can open the H: drive and then my Photos folder, but any sub folders can’t open and don’t have a file icon, they just read as a random file that is 32KB in size. I looked into the space on the hard drive, however, and it reads like everything is still there. I ran the driver repair tool and after several hours it completed and gave me a message saying there are errors Windows can’t fix. I’ve ran malware software, but it reports no problem. Is there any idea what I can do next?

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