How can I open email attachments?
Question by Jim Higgs /
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I often receive attachments from friends I know and trust who keep their computers clean an guarded. I can’t open some of them and want a direction to go on getting a program for open them? Any help would be very appreciated.

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Answers (6)
  • Mjevolve

    jpeg and other image files are supported by the Windows Image Viewer , so these should open easily .
    files like the .rm , .avi , .3gp or any such other files for which Windows doesnt have any programs by default or if there are programs , but have not been associated with . that can cause an error .

    try this —

    if you have customized some of the settings in IE or even if not ,
    try setting the IE settings to default .

    go to the IE settings > Advanced > Click Reset .

    it would Reset the IE settings to default.

    now try opening the files .

    you can even download the files , and then try opening them in your computer rather than in the browser .

    most email services provide this option of downloading the attachements .
    look for where it says – ” download the attachements . ”
    that should work .

    and also try opening the same mail and the attachements , in any other browser like Firefox or Chrome and see if you encounter the same problem …

    try and see ..

    tell if you need more help …

  • Jay

    You have to click on the download attachment,
    tell me the extension of those files in the attachments.
    you cant open them because, you dont have the software installed to open them.

    • Wentby1

      you are correct about txt  3gp  jpg gpeg files cause my I E doesn’t open them an neither does real player  ?

    • Jay

      You have to set up programs to open with the file format on your pc first, then IE or any browser willl open your It is not because of IE.

      For jpeg you can select “windows picture and fax viewer”, microsoft office picure manager,paint or any installed picture viewer like acdsee, picasa… etc.

      There are many players that can play play 3gp files, install or set up opening 3gp with vlc media player and media player classic.

      open pps file with ms powerpoint select from the list or browse.

      You have to set up programs for all the file formats.
      Programs like pps and jpg are by default associated with built in programes, then

      If you have already set up appropriate programs, and still IE dose not let you open the files, and after clicking “download attachments”, dont click “open”, click “open folder” on the “download complete dialog box” and then open the files from the folder.


      Use gmail for your email.
      and  firefox and chrome for browsing, may be you will not have such problems using them.
      they are better.

  • Jeff Fabish

    Can you elaborate on “can’t open them”? Why can’t they be opened? What email client are you using? 

    • Wentby1

      jpg file   gpeg file  pps file   real player won’t open an I E won’t open them  ?

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