How do I open eMail attachments in Thunderbird?
Question by Ann /

How can I open email attachments? New to Mac. I am using Thunderbird.

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Answers (3)
  • ænon1mus

    Open or view? If you want to view attachments inline, then click on View – DISPLAY ATTACHMENTS INLINE. If not the attachments will be displayed in the Attachments pane.

  • Tina


    I use Windows, not Mac. However, I blatantly assume that Thunderbird on a Mac is pretty much the same as on Windows.

    When an eMail has an attachment, the attachment is displayed in an attachments bar below the eMail body, i.e. you must view the eMail. The paperclip sign next to the subject doesn’t do anything, but indicating that the eMail has an attachment.

    From the attachments bar you can open, delete, and save the eMail’s attachments. Select the file and try a double-click or a [CTRL] + click.

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