How can I go online with my phone using my computer’s internet connection?
Question by Zet /

How do I access internet on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S) using my PC’s internet connection, which is connected to a modem (not WiFi). Please help!

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Answers (7)
  • halima

    i want to get internet from this computer i mean my computer to my phone

  • Abhishek jadhav

    i have mts pendrive internet on my samsung laptop and i want to use my laptop internet on my mobile please help me out

  • Suman Acharya

    did you tried usb tethering?

  • Mac

    You would have to have a laptop.

  • Anonymous

    Connectify is a JOKE

  • James Bruce

    You need Wifi. There is no other magical connection. Either get a wifi router, or get something in your pc to do wifi, like using a laptop as jay said – then you ‘tether’ your internet connection, or share it, over the wifi connection to the phone.. 

  • Jay

    not sure about options other than wifi.

    If you have a laptop,
    you can use it as a wifi hotsopt.
    and your mobile can connect to it to use internet.
    Connnectify can help :

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