How do you get online with an iPod Touch if you don’t have Wi-Fi?
Question by Karen /

If you don’t have Wi-Fi can you use an iPod Touch online? Does 3G work without paying for a data plan?

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Answers (12)
  • Travis

    I want to be able to get enternet anywear on my iPod touch 4g

  • heudith molina

    my iPod can’t get Wi-Fi and i also don’t have a Network so i need help with THAT !!

    • Tina

      Are you saying that your iPod WiFi is broken? Or that there is no WiFi network in your area? So how can we help you?

  • shashidar

    you can get internet connection on your ipod touch using ibluever application on ipod touch

  • Hailee

    u half to have wifi but maybe joikuspot would work too

  • Londonboy

    Shut up bitches just use wifi 3G jailbreak duhhhhhh

  • Dave

    The answers are real, just not what you wanted to hear.

  • Debra

    This sucks where can I get some real answers???

    • James Bruce

      This question has been answered. I’m sorry you don’t like the truth, but there it is. 

  • Mike

    By default the iPod touch can only access the internet via WiFi.

    Therefor you either have to get a so-called MiFi device (mobile internet modem with built-in WiFi hotspot) or you can setup your own hotspot using e.g. Virtual Router and your computers or laptops WiFi card.

    The only other option would be a SIM card case like the Peel520. However they are not working for all carriers and they don’t support CDMA networks.

  • James Bruce

    No. There is no 3G data connection in an iPod touch, or it would be an iPhone. The only way is through Wifi. 

  • Anonymous

    maybe with JoikuSpot Premium WiFi HotSpot
    if you are interested before purchase contact their support and hope will reply to your question.