On what basis are Google search results ordered?
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On what basis are the Google search results ordered? How can one improve the position of one’s website in the search result?

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Answers (8)
  • Suman Acharya

    in simple - its done on usage basis i think. that means popular sites which are used by lots of people comes first at the top; if there is no add!!

  • Rob Hindle

    Put yourself in Google’s position. Their aim is to deliver the best search results to their users. There are usually thousands, often millions of web sites competing to be top of those "best results" for any particular phrase. Google is trying very hard to be objective and identify the best.
    At the same time Webmasters and Search Optimisers are trying very hard to game the system to get their web sites to the top.
    When you or I visit a few web sites offering competing services of products we will usually form an opinion about which are best. Google is using a computer system to try to reach the same conclusion. So the solution is simple (in theory!), and it is fundamentally what Google recommend to webmasters: A web site should provide good quality, unique, relevant and authoritative content.

    Google put a lot of effort into trying to prevent Search Optimisers from "gaming the system" to gain "unfair" advantage. The computer algorithms they use are their best kept industrial secret and in any case are subject of continual refinement.

    Another issue is: you want to come top of the results but for what search phrase? A single word will deliver millions of results. You may find a two or three word phrase for which your web site comes top but is it one that someone searching would use?

  • Angelo

    Do you really think Google would explain that publicly? Geez, what I have to read here


    Hello, the following link will show you an article in the subject. It explains the process in a simple way:


  • guthagowtham

    Google Search Results are ordered on the basis of page views, quality of the content and keywords. If a page has text along with links and images and at times videos related to the content, such kind of content is mostly seen by readers and hence these content that is mostly viewed or easy to understand will be listed in Google Search Results

  • Oron

    The formula for ranking Google search results is called "Page Rank" (named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google). You can find out more by searching for that term.
    At its most basic level, it's done on a popularity basis, counting the number of links to the page to determine how authoritative it is, with links from popular pages (ones that have a lot of links pointing to THEM) counting as more important than other pages. A lot of effort goes into IGNORING attempts to raise popularity (for example, by adding the keyword lots of time to the page).

  • Bruce Epper

    Some of the factors that affect search order are: length of time the page has been available, the number of high-quality external sites that link to the page, frequency of the search terms appearing on the page, where the search terms occur in the page (title, URL, meta tags, etc), synonyms of the search terms, amount of original content on the site (sites that appear to be scraping or plagarizing other sites are demoted - search for the Google Panda update for more info). Cloaking (putting white text on a white background), keyword stuffing (stringing keywords in a page) and paid links will drop the ranking.

    Google provides some guidelines here (http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35769&ctx=cb&src=cb&cbid=bx48tkrvibms&cbrank=1) to help a webmaster create a "search friendly" site which will help your page ranking.

    • Joe Videtto

      I think Bruce left out one of the most obvious - with the right amount of money, you can buy an add that shows up at the very top of the page. But I think he probably guessed right that that's not one of the factors you were seeking. Still, it might be interesting to know what someone has to pay to get their link at the top of a serach results page.

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