Can I use the OEM Windows product key when I re-install my system after using the key for a VM?

Lewis Lebentz September 1, 2012
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I now use Ubuntu as my main OS, and have Windows 7 Home Premium dual-booted, as that’s what came on my laptop when I bought it from Sony.

When Ubuntu 12.10 comes out soon, I would like to format my whole system and have a clean install of it, removing Windows 7 entirely.

But, I would like to have it in a Virtual Machine in case I ever need it. As my laptop doesn’t support VT-x, I thought I would just test it first. So I downloaded it and installed it in VMware, and it seems to work. I activated it with the Product Key Sticker on the back of my laptop and it worked!

I am now worried that, when I reinstall everything, even though it’s the same computer; it won’t let me use my product key again as I used it in a VM?

I don’t really know why it worked, because I thought because it is OEM, it would only work when installing directly onto my laptop. I am thinking that for some reason I now wasted an extra use in a VM?

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