What can I do if my Nokia 2690 is not reading my memory card?
Question by adarsh panday /
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If I insert my memory card into my Nokia 2690,it doesn’t read the memory card.

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Answers (5)
  • Shekhar prajapati

    How hide file in nokia mobile? I have tried nokia 3110,2700,x2

    Step1. Create a folder this name s.jad
    Step2. move file in s.jad folder
    step3. Create a new folder this name s.jar


  • Le Mon

    either card is corrupted, or a password was set on card by another device :)

  • Dalsan

    If you have data on the memory card and want to keep the data, transfer it all to your computer, then format the card I'm the computer by right-clicking the drive letter, then select format. Use the quick format in FAT32. When it's finished, place it into your phone and your phone should recognize it and set it up for use. Then either connect the phone or place the card into the computer again and transfer everything back to the card. This probably would be the quickest way to get it recognized and usable. I cannot guarantee that this method will work without fail, but should work most of the time provided that the card is not damaged.

  • Deepak Kapoor

    other devices read your memory card?
    check that.

  • ha14

    My memory card or mass memory is not working properly. What should I do? - Nokia FAQ

    perhaps to reset or hard reset Nokia (hard reset delete all files on Nokia so do a backup first)

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