Why does my newly built PC constantly crash with a BSOD?

Zan May 17, 2010
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I built it first week of March. I haven’t yet been able to enjoy it because I am constantly trouble shooting it. Like many folks with a Radeon 5750 video card, it was crashing my PC on boot so I returned it and bought an Nvidia GT 250 hoping that was the problem. It is still crashing.

First boot of the day, or when I get home from college, it crashes – cascading program crashes, then BSOD dump, or even a Black screen. It restarts and does the same unless I turn it off and cold reboot. Then it is stable for as long as it is on. I can even play Mass Effect 1 or 2 with absolutely no problems. This was with Windows XP Pro SP 3 on it, and the same now with Windows 7 on it.

Other odd thing is if I leave it off for 2 hours it starts up fine, but overnight for 6-8 hours, and the cascading crashes, usually when I start Eudora and the browser, happen. It also is killing Avast! right now. I have to uninstall and reinstall it every day as it gets broken by the crashes. :(

It did have some viruses on it originally that AVG missed, but I scanned it to death with Avast, and used DrWeb on both hard drives and all removable USB sticks and external hard drives. I have also reformatted the whole main hard drive at least 3 times, and repartitioned it, and reformatted the C partition more times than I can remember. I even switched the 2 hard drives so the 2nd one is now the main one.

I moved to Windows 7 Pro in the hopes XP Pro was struggling with the new DDR3 stuff. :( Nopes. Just as bad.

I have run Memtest84/86 and the memory is fine. Run a couple benchmark programs that didn’t give any results that looked like hardware failure, but I am not familiar with them. Ran Seagate Disk program on both drives as the main one is a Seagate and both are sound.
I can’t even find a pattern to the crashes in Event viewer. Explorer falls over eventually, but it has had a range of problems and one by one I tried to stop them with clean installs and having fewer programs on to aid error detection.

Right now it has very little on it. Even tried using Opera instead of latest Firefox because someone said latest versions were buggy, especially if I used the addons, and I do. Back to Firefox now as I prefer it and there was no difference in my PC whether or not Firefox was even installed. Only addons are a download status bar, one that stops Google Tracking, and Aniweather, an animated weather addon.

The components were suggested by friends who usually built my PC until I moved to South California.

Specs are,
Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
AMD Phenom 2 x4 965 processor, 3.40 Ghz
2 x 2 gig DDR3 ram (good make but forget the name)
Nvidia GT 250 1 gig video card
My old Sound Blaster Audigy 2
and Logitech Cordless trackball mouse with latest Logitech driver

Latest drivers for Win 7 in for video, and mobo, and sound.
Using Avast AV software
Firefox browser
Eudora for mail
On a home network as I live with my son and his wife right now.
MS Word
EditPad Lite as plain text editor
ClipMate in as clipboard extender but I start it manually when I need it.

I am at the end of my knowledge now and fed up with this problem. I want to enjoy my new PC. Help gratefully accepted.


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