Do I want to help a neighbor whose computer was infected with viruses from questionable sources?

Myke46 August 1, 2011
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I got roped into helping a neighbor, whom I only know by sight, with an infected PC. I can’t get his system to boot from CD drive and it’s not set up to boot from USB. It will boot into Windows, but will not allow any executables, will not even allow IE to open.

It’s when I looked at the viruses, to try to attack them individually, that I got the jaw-dropper:
Trojan Downloader:W32/Bredolab X(x2)

And here’s the kicker: W32/Child-Porn Proxy p/Server(x7)

The geek in me wants help fixing the machine for knowledge sake, but the human in me is not sure if I should report this and to whom? Is it possible someone else is using his service? Help!

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