What NAS hard drive setup do you use?

Mike August 30, 2011
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So, I got a NAS with 5x2TB HDD lying around for over 2 months now because I still couldn’t make up my mind about the dard drive setup.

I already have a NAS running with a RAID5 and while I do know the benefits there are some drawbacks e.g. no Block-Level iSCSI targets/LUN because I do need/have/use allocated storage for multiple systems, single large storage, no flexibility.

Up till know I thought about two options:
(1) 2x RAID1 (data) + 1x single Disk (testing, flexibility)
pro: reliability on two volumes, data can easily be used outside the NAS
con: obviously the waste of drive space
(2) each disk on it’s own
pro: highest flexibility on how to use each disk, data can be used outside the NAS
con: no reliability (risky setup)

One may ask why I want to use RAID1 in the first place ~ let’s just say I do think ahead.

I was wondering what NAS setups other MakeUseOf users especially the tech geeks around here use.

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