Why do the music DVDs I create not play on my DVD Player?

Kiran K March 29, 2014
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Why do the music DVD’s I create does not work on a DVD player?
The problem is like my DVD player plays almost all DVDs. I use Nero 10 and burn the DVDs by preforming the following steps:

  1. Open nero express
  2. Create a jukebox DVD where the details show that we can play these on a DVD player
  3. Add files
  4. Click next
  5. Name my DVD and start burning
  6. I create a multi session disc (if it was a problem the DVDs which I burnt earlier using the earlier version of NERO should not have worked but that’s not the case)
  7. Finally, after burning the DVD gets ejected automatically!!

Please tell me how to rectify this problem.
Thanks in advance

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