How can I forward multiple eMails at once in GMail?
Question by MURALI MASH /
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Is there any way I can select multiple emails in GMail and forward them together to my contacts in a single go?

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Answers (13)
  • Anonymous

    Mass forwarding would make it too easy to switch emails. They don't want you to do that. They let you import but not export. I'll never go back.

    • Walt

      This is a somewhat retarded comment considering that they provide free IMAP access, meaning you can download ALL of the email from your account at any time.

      Nonetheless, it is frustrating to not be able to forward multiple messages at once.

    • Gkunzelman

      Walt,  I am turning over an e-mail account for a sports team to a new manager - how do I download all the e-mails that are in the account in mutliple labels (about 30) - I would just like to have a copy of the last 4 years for my own records - Thanks.

  • Ozanbilal

    yeah. its not acceptable. why they didnt put a button for this.

  • Kenneth Fortier

    C'mon Google.  This in an unacceptable solution.  Even my old outlook 2003 at work can forward multiple emails directly from the inbox in two very simple steps (shift-click to select multiple items, click the forward button).

  • Mmarkosedocs

    How will i forward multiple emails to some one which i have already in my inbox????

  • Words With Friends Cheat

    This no longer works.  There is a specific note when you get to the choose forward address, "Note: old mail will not be forwarded"

  • matt

    it helped me anyway :) thanks peeps! muchly appreciated

  • Aibek

    Hi Murali,

    So, didi you figure it out? Did any of the above suggestions helped?


  • Saikat Basu

    Here's the Gmail support page that will be of help if it's the first time you are creating filters.

  • Anonymous

    In Gmail under Settings>>Filters create a filter that will select all of the emails you want to forward. You may have to play around with the some to get it right, but you can use the TEST SEARCH button to make sure you have the right messages selected. Click on NEXT STEP.

    Put the address you want to forward to in the "FORWARD IT TO" box.

    Once you have the filter right check the "ALSO APPLY FILTER TO... CONVERSATIONS BELOW" then click on CREATE FILTER to apply the action to the selected conversations. You may want to delete the filter after you are done if you don't want to keep forwarding.

    • Browncow

      I don't know why Gmail has the Apply Filter to ___ (existing) Conversations Below.  It's a useless feature since none of the filters or forwarding apply to existing email, only incoming emails.

    • Anonymous

      It makes lots of sense to have that feature, because even though it doesn't apply to e-mails being forwarded, it works for labels. What I don't get is why people keep saying that is a way to foraward multiple e-mails that you have already received.

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