Why do the movies I download always have no sound?
Question by Jacquelyn Eden /

I download movie torrents, but every time I do, there’s never any sound, and I can’t figure out why! Whenever I download a TV show it’s fine.

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  • Jaimin

    You have to check for sound driver on computer or laptop

  • GrrGrrr

    install K-Lite Codec Pack. I have faced same issue.
    the reason is u have a video codec, but based on the movie encoding, audio codec is not supported.

    go for K-Lite Codec Pack FULL version

  • edyshor

    Most likely you have a problem with the audio codecs (either corrupt or missing the required ones for those movies).

    I use klite codec pack (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/k_lite_codec_pack.htm) it comes with the free and capable media player classic (but i prefer bsplayer);

    Also, when installing (i recommend the standard versions) it will detect and remove (with your approval) codecs that will conflict with the ones being installed by this pack.

    VLC is an alternative as it seems that it doesn't need you to install additional codecs .. but i find it a little slow and awkward (i'm probably to used with bsplayer)


      It's March 2016 and I have just found this message and thanks to you I have sorted out my no sound problem on recordings. Thanks

  • Gian Singh

    Try a codec pack , K-lite codec pack is great, or use other players like VLC or TheKM player, both very good.

  • Gabriel Cuadra

    VLC as well as Media Player Classic are very good players and they are both free. VLC would even play both audio and video of a ISO file, hope it works http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html

  • Aditya Roy

    Use either of the two players, should solve your problem.

  • Nisarg

    2 problems...

    Either your sound card is nt working...

    Else you dont have proper codecs... download klite or shark codecs... or better download VLC player...

    Hope ur problem is resolved !

  • Ajay Yogal Shrestha


  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Try to play with another media player like VLC Meida Player or http://cccp-project.net/

  • illegal3alien

    The problem is definitely codecs.

    You can either install:
    K-Lite Codec Pack
    Combined Community Codec Pack
    XP codecpack

    Or download a media player that comes with codecs like:

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