How can I move Microsoft Office 2007 from my desktop computer to my new laptop?
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I just bought a new laptop that only came with a trial version of Office 2010 with no Outlook or Publisher. How can I copy my Microsoft Office 2007 software from my desktop computer to my new laptop? My original discs are in storage in another state.

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Answers (4)
  • Zoy926

    Is there any way to backup ms office 2007 settings from one system and restore to another system having ms office 2007

  • Anonymous

    HiWith one license you are allowed to have the software installed on only one machine at a time.

    all retail versions (the ones bought from MS store or retail stores) can be activated on 2 computers. office can be reinstalled and activated on the 2 systems any number of times like in case of HDD failure, viruses or just reinstalling the OS. this is allowed only for non-commercial computers.

    For OEM MS Office versions – only one computer. it cannot be activated on any other system.

  • Mike

    Like Tina said, you cannot move an Office installation in “copy-paste” style.

    However, you don’t necessarily need an installation CD. You can download a trial installer matching your licence and activate it using your key.

    But again, you must use an installer (CD or trial) matching your licence key! For example you cannot activate an Office 2007 Professional key with an Office 2007 Enterprise installation.

  • Tina

    T,I don’t believe this can be done without the installation CD. However, you can possibly borrow an installation CD from someone or download the installation files somewhere, but then use your own legal product key / serial number to register the installation on your new computer.There are several tools that allow you to retrieve the original serial number from installed software:3 Ways To Recover Serial Numbers In WindowsUse LicenseCrawler To Recover Your Lost Software Serial NumbersRecover Your Lost XP, Vista & Office Serial Numbers

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