How can I move files between my iPad and Mac using an FTP?
Question by Aldi Daldi /

I managed to install and connect to my iPad, but now I wonder where to put my files, film etc etc so I can access them on my iPad ??

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Answers (11)
  • Ahmed Khalil

    why FTP specially i think it is not eazy to do that

  • ha14

    File Browser
    allow you to connect to network shares and pull and save files to your Ipad,

    When you open the AVPlayer app and select WiFi transfer

    you can try alternative to iTunes

    PhoneView (7 days free trial)




  • Jan Fritsch

    As it was explained Apps normally don’t have access other then to their own storage location and maybe the ‘official’ media folders.

    There may be a Cydia app that could access them but not sure you really need that.

    Personally I’m using the app “AcePlayer” which allows you to put media files into it’s storage folder via iTunes.

  • Minh Tuan Do

    The issue is iDevice store media files in random generated directory name so theorically you can copy and paste to those folder if you know the exact path. But it will take long time and sometimes those files cant be read due to wrong random path. So the best and easiest way is to sync them.

  • Dino Pearsons

    The problem is, your apps don’t have access to iPad’s filesystem. So even if you uploaded your films via FTP, your iPad won’t be able to read them.

    The same works for your files. That’s why viewing your files is best done through an app like Air Sharing or Readdle which will open your documents or suggest apps for opening them.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, then I don´t se why I should install this Open SSH, prob for more advanced users then me :-)

    • Boni Oloff

      Open SSH is used to transfer files using SSH Interface. I think it is different from FTP. You can use SSH client for Mac OSX. You should try to read more specific in the help in cydia. You can do all mentioned there. It is the perfect help, i use OpenSSH in Windows.

      But to use it, both MAC and IPad/IPHone must be connected to same network.

    • Boni Oloff

      Try to connect both device to the same wifi network.

    • Dino Pearsons

      Yeah, installing Open SSH on iOS devices is something you’d do if you want to tinker with the workings of the device.

      For home users, it’s not really recommended.

    • Anonymous

      I have tried open ssh but could not make it to work.

    • Boni Oloff

      I have try it, you just need to connect the devices to same wifi network, and read all the rest in Cydia. They make a clear instruction there.

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