How do I move my data once from an old hard drive to a new one in Windows?

Allan M June 3, 2014
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I have just bought a new hard drive and I would like to move the My Documents, Music, Pictures etc onto the new drive. So far I have managed to move my My Documents folder by using a method shown on a forum, basically creating a new My Documents on the new drive and then going through adding the location to the library and moving the files to the new My Documents folder.

However this has left me with this: In the Library section I have 2 versions of My Documents listed under Documents, plus another version on the new drive. All these seem to be linked as when I delete a file in one it is deleted in the others.

I do not want to have 3 copies of My Documents, I want to have one My Documents resident on my new hard drive, and that is all.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks for any help given.

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