Why are my mouse and keyboard not working?
Question by Valentina Conant /
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So yeah they’re not working and I tried to do the system recovery before and I went back to a different point of time where it worked and I could use my mouse.

Now unfortunately I was stupid. I knew exactly what it was that broke my computer and I tried to re-download it. It was evolveo or something like that where you have to restart to download some add on. Anyway, then I go back on and it doesn’t work again. So I figure I will just do system restore again.

Now for some reason I don’t have the restore points anymore that was when my computer was fine, but only the restore points for when it crashed. My screen is not frozen because I can use the caculater button and that works, but that’s it!

I really need help because it has all my family photos on there. Anyway my question is, can I somehow go into my hard drive by taking it out or something and hooking it up to another computer and destroy the file? Because like I said my mouse and keyboard are not working. Please don’t say crap like re-download your mouse and crap like that. Keyboard and mouse don’t work, that’s it!

If you really need to know I have a PS2 mouse and a USB mouse, a MS2 keyboard and a USB keyboard, which all don’t work. OK thank you and don’t ask other questions on this for they really don’t help me. Thanks. :)

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Answers (14)
  • Eserpess der

    Try with a new keyboard and mouse, if it worked then it was a hardware problem if they don't, then its a software problem. You may have to re-format your computer but before that do a HOLE! search of your computer for viruses and malware. See what it turnes up.

  • Alex Perkins

    If you really need the photos you could take the HDD out and retrieve them on another machine.

  • Suvrojit Mondal

    Try to uninstall the keyboard & mouse drivers & then reconnect it & see that are the drivers are installing (assuming you use Windows 7) automatically & then see the ports they are connected does have yellow icon in Device manager. Or try manually installing those drivers.

  • Sri Swaminathan Vanarasi

    ( Assuming 1 Usb port is working and u have another laptop or PC with internet) download slacko puppy software and linux live usb creater using linux live install slacko puppy on to a pendrive. now plug into pc and restart. may give u the required result :)

  • Usman Mubashir

    Get a paragon recovery disk, it will allow youto copy data to any external drive or write to disk

  • Erlis Dhima

    What I think the solution would be:
    1. Log in using another system, like linux\ (assuming that it's a windows bug, from a virus or something else)
    2. Back Up anything you think it's necessary. (just explore everywhere..)
    3. Format your hard drive after the back up (logged in with linux, of course)
    4. Enter windows installation DVD and format your computer

    If the problem is with linux too, that means, the problem is in the BIOS..
    Try searching how to restore, or update your bios software.

    Hope this helps!

    • dragonmouth

      This person has problems running Windows and you expect him/her to download, burn and run a Linux LiveCD? Then do a backup, reformat and re-installation? (S)he probably doesn't even know what Linux is. That computer is already screwed up beyond the person's ability to fix it. I would advise her/him to take it to a computer repair shop and let someone competent fix it.

      "If the problem is with linux too, that means, the problem is in the BIOS."
      I don't think this individual is competent enough to screw up the BIOS.

  • Oron

    How on earth have you restored the system if the keyboard and mouse don't work?

  • April Eum

    you most likely deleted the registry for your keyboard and mouse that you thought affected it, i would say factory restore but then you do lose everything..

  • GrrGrrr

    boot into safe mode and see if the mouse, keyboard are detected.

    get a rescue CD and scan ur PC.

  • VictorGeis

    I don't quite understand how you can use the "calculator button" if you can't use the keyboard... Very strange, best of luck though.

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