Why are my mouse and keyboard not working?

Valentina Conant August 27, 2012
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So yeah they’re not working and I tried to do the system recovery before and I went back to a different point of time where it worked and I could use my mouse.

Now unfortunately I was stupid. I knew exactly what it was that broke my computer and I tried to re-download it. It was evolveo or something like that where you have to restart to download some add on. Anyway, then I go back on and it doesn’t work again. So I figure I will just do system restore again.

Now for some reason I don’t have the restore points anymore that was when my computer was fine, but only the restore points for when it crashed. My screen is not frozen because I can use the caculater button and that works, but that’s it!

I really need help because it has all my family photos on there. Anyway my question is, can I somehow go into my hard drive by taking it out or something and hooking it up to another computer and destroy the file? Because like I said my mouse and keyboard are not working. Please don’t say crap like re-download your mouse and crap like that. Keyboard and mouse don’t work, that’s it!

If you really need to know I have a PS2 mouse and a USB mouse, a MS2 keyboard and a USB keyboard, which all don’t work. OK thank you and don’t ask other questions on this for they really don’t help me. Thanks. :)

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