How can I make money with my Facebook page?
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How can I make money with my Facebook page?

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  • Jay

    I just got an idea, it may be already in use, because if I can think it, others also can :

    It is easier to make a fan page popular than a blog or website if you know how to attract members.
    because active members on the page promote your page by sharing your content, once your page gets popular, you can start accepting ads and charge others to be featured on your page, it can be products, websites or other fan pages without having your own website.

  • Jay

    Facebook pages are medium of marketing, mostly you will need an additional service, that you are marketing for via your page.

    if your fan page is really popular, you can create a website or blog for it.
    generally people create fan page for their blogs,sites,srevice but, you can reverse the process, i have witnessed some examples.
    share link of your website on page.put ads on website and can sell stuff from your page.
    read this :

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