What is the minimum requirement for an Android phone to use all the apps in the Google Play store?
Question by Yew Zhi Yong /
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Details like video card, RAM, storage etc. would help. Please don’t just say that a Samsung Galaxy will do anything.

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Answers (9)
  • Raja Pradeep

    A phone with min 512 MB RAM, min 1 Ghz processor, GPU (Graphic chip) , accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Bluetooth, Camera with auto focus, WVGA screen, With android 2.3 or higher should do that.

  • Millaray Burns

    Most of the minimum requirement is based off of the OS and whether the app developer has created it with X.Y. Z. involved. If the phone is something a lot of people use then it will be catered to. Older phones will become phased out – but due to OS and not always hardware.

  • Harron Subhani

    Too run all app releases upto middle of 2011 you need Andriod 3.0

  • Kannon Y

    As James mentioned, a number of apps only run on a select number of
    phones – for example, PayPal’s
    upcoming payment
    service runs on just a handful of phones for
    security purposes. And also PayPal sucks as an app developer.

    Other apps might run on tablets only or only on phones, due to screen
    size considerations. For some reason, Android does not scale screen
    resolutions. So even the best phone on the market won’t run everything.

    However, that said, for the wide range of compatibility, you may want
    to consider phones equipped with the Tegra 3 chipset and at least a
    5-inch screen. Tegra 3 is the most widely available gaming chipset on
    the market for Android. There’s
    actually an app store designed specifically for Tegra 3 devices
    which guarantees wide ranging compatibility.

    In terms of RAM and installable memory, you’re typically going to want
    at least 1 gigabyte of installable memory and probably around 1GB of
    RAM.. Currently, I have around thirty apps installed on my device,
    which leaves over 700mb available. Most apps are quite small. If you
    game, however, apps can be considerably larger. For example, DeadTrigger
    takes up around 100-200mb of space just by itself.

  • hamad3914

    Most apps require Android OS 2.2 or 2.3 as a minimum other than that it depends on what apps you have. You can install 10 small apps or you could install 1 large app according to the memory and storage space you have.

  • Daniel Pettinger

    You shouldn’t really need to worry about speeds but rather just storage.

    I use a HTC Wilfire S that comes with 150mb internal storage which was oddly filled up rather fast and has constant memory issues (I haven’t installed any third party apps on the internal memory).

    Near enough all phones will require an additional purchase of a memory card (such as my 16gb MicroSD) for apps anyway and speed wise, even crappy phones can run the latest apps.

    Reported requirements were:
    RAM: 256mb
    CPU: 800mhz preferred (estimate)

    but if you really care, this document mentions ALOT about the requirements, as phones require specific screens, camera’s, etc. Still, it’s safe to say that any modern phone can run them but definitely watch out when it comes to storage.


  • Dalsan

    The average of the apps require 600MHz processor or better, 256MB RAM or higher, 3-axis accelerometer, Android 2.2 or higher, 480×800 pixel screen. This would be just to run the apps, not as much anymore will run smoothly at these specs, so 1+GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.0 for newer apps to run as smooth as possible would be recommended, but you can get by with only 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, and Android 2.3 (Chrome beta browser and few others require Android 4.0 in order to be able to install it a of now). In order to utilize the Tegra apps, you would need an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor or better.

  • James Jarillas

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a minimum requirement to play everything in the store. New apps are being released every day, and new phones too. Some apps even work only on older machines, with older android versions.

    Granted, a dual core 1ghz processor would do almost all jobs.

  • ha14

    well minimum requirement depends, some games wants Android 2.2, others 2.3 or 1.6? your device should support firmware upgrade, cpu 1GHZ, RAM at least 512MO…

    so you need a good hardware that supports graphic card acceleration, support 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, big screen if games needs big screen, so why you do not go to a tablet with big screen.

    Also memory card slot if internal 8 or 16GO space not enough

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