How can I migrate Disqus comments to my new blog?
Question by Anuj Sharma /

Recently I migrated from a Blogspot domain to my own .com domain. As a result, old comments are no longer showing up . How I can import comments from my old domain to the new blog?

I am still using Disqus so what can I do?

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Answers (3)
  • 1234

    You can’t. HIPSTER.

  • Torremelin

    Millions of Internet users don’t see any Disqus comments, something site admins may be unaware of. Using Disqus requires enabling all cookies, including third party cookies and apparently does not work with Adblock and other privacy and security apps. If you want all of Disqus’s partners to pollute your computer with endless partner cookies, this is the comment app for you. Stay far away.

  • Shakirah Faleh Lai

    Did you synced your comments from blogspot with Disqus? If so, you can export them

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