How can I tell whether a message sent through Facebook was read?
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Is there a way to see if someone you messaged on Facebook read the message?

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Answers (3)
  • Jack Cola

    I don't use Facebook messages that much, but isn't it colour coded? If you read your outbox, isn't unread messages like a pale yellow colour?

    I just did a test then, it doesn't do it. Maybe it's only when you message someone who is not your friend?

    The only thing to do is to tell the person your messaging to reply back, or ask something that will get them to reply.

    Eg - guess what me and x did the other day! Hopefully they will say What???

    • Aibek

      An easiest way probably would be include a link to a page or an article
      and later check if the link was opened. There are several URL shortening
      apps out there (including popular that can record how
      many times the link was opened.


  • Taty

    Hi Nica
    Thought that is a feature of other sites, such as mySpace, I don't believe you can tell if someone has read your message on Facebook. It would be a good feature for them to implement!

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