How can I merge two C partitions into one in Windows XP?
Question by Pankaj /

I have installed Ubuntu on my PC. When I installed Windows XP I saw that the C drive is divided into two parts with C. How can I merge the partition into one C?

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  • Bruce Epper

    If this computer has been set up as a dual-boot system with Ubuntu in one partition and WinXP in the other, attempting to combine them into a single partition will cause you to lose the ability to boot into EITHER environment.  Each OS needs to be installed into its own partition unless you used the Wubi install method to put Ubuntu into an existing Windows installation.  In that case, Ubuntu was installed into a special single file under Windows.

  • Smayonak

    My favorite method is burning Gparted onto bootable media, like a CD or USB.

    Once you have booted your computer into Gparted, it’s very easy to do. You simply remove the extra partition (make sure not to delete restore partitions) and then expand the current one (

    Be sure to back up your sensitive data beforehand.

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