How can I merge two Facebook accounts into one?
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How do I merge my two Facebook accounts into one?

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Answers (29)
  • Maldin

    how can i use two facebook account together at one page, i mean both account can link together,

  • james chaney

    I have 3 face books accounts.
    james chaney no pic
    jamez chaney with pic
    james chaney with pic
    i want to combined them
    the first two I have not logged on I want to keep the the one that is active with the most friends

  • Bhuvi King

    Facebook don't currently offer a way to merge two accounts. I recommend downloading the information you've added to the account you don't want to keep. Then, add the account you're keeping as an admin for any Groups or Pages you manage.

    Once you've moved all of your info onto a single account, please delete your duplicate account.
    This is the only way . . .

  • Tapiwa Bright

    i have two facebook accounts and i want to make them one but i don't know how

    • Tina

      Did you read the suggestions in this comment thread?

    • Tapiwa Bright

      i have read them but they are not giving me the answers that i need. I've tried even links but they don't seem to work

    • Tina

      In that case I recommend you to post a new question. Please mention what you have tried already and why it didn't work.

  • Cry-Baby Doll

    hea im wont to move all my fb accounts into my new one i can not remember any of the passwords i recently had all my personal accounts broken into and need help with closing old accounts or transfirming them into one account

  • Snowwwbelle

    Hellllllllllppppppppppp   I want just ONE FB account.  If, after 9 tries I am very close to making both go ::::poof:::::..........
    All I get is FB emails that tell me to click on an address and darn if it's the same one I'm trying to get off.
    Truly, I mean no harm but I'm about done with the FB BS

  • A. Buch Hazlrof

    You can transfer your contacts by using the same email address for both accounts. Add a secondary email address to your old fb account, remember that email address has to be the same as of your new fb account. Download your contact list or merge it with your Google Gmail account . Now sync your Gmail contacts with your new fb account. All contacts will be added however they will be shown as recently added with no previous history and will be shown as "______ and _______ are now friends" on your wall.

    • Ignh

      If I do so will all of my "recently added"  friends receive a Friend request or they will be automatically added?

  • Davidmcampbell

    I did all this and then I posted that my old account was dead and not to be used. Then a month or two later ( Im not a big user) the two accounts where suggesting my old account to all my friends again so I had double the posts and double the notifications. There appears to be no way to kill off an old account so I have just reduced my usage to as little as possible

  • Lionmichael

    Facebook does not want to reduce the number of accounts as this means money at IPO!!  Hence they do not want to help us.  It is a economic issue.  He is not willing to give up his billions.

    • Aibek

      I don't think that would cost them millions of account. Maybe a couple of thousands, at most.
      That being said, it needs to be checked with Facebook TOS whether having two FB accounts is actually allowed.
      And if it's not allowed there won't be any feature for it.


    • zemme

      you can have two accounts. however there is just still no way to simple merge two accounts. in the facebook help center there is a post about this. id link you to it but its as simple as typing in "is it possible to merge" in the help center search bar and itll come up

  • Muptonspook

    You should open new account,and spend your time figuring out how not to put yourself In that position again!!! Respectfully, Mike

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