Does MakeUseOf Answers need a little organizing?

Erlis Dhima September 15, 2012
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I checked a little the MakeUseOf Answers page. The moment I checked it, there were:
9426 unresolved questions in total!
Around 2100 unresolved questions that you can still comment!
And for the other ones, comments were closed!

Now, I’m very curious to know, how many of these questions that you cannot comment on anymore, are solved and not marked as solved? Even some of those who one can still comment on.

Also, wouldn’t it be better if some of the unresolved questions go to top, as featured or pinned to top?

Also, a better way to reduce some of the unresolved questions would be to mail the people who asked the questions, so they can post a last comment, if they solved the problem (explaining how)! Or to reply at least that the problem is solved, so to mark the question as solved.

I don’t know! There are many other tips! But, what the good of this would be, is that maybe some of the problems would be solved, and we will know more about these problems. Also, the site would have more resolved questions. :P

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