How can I maintain monitor resolution while connecting the projector with Windows 7?
Question by Chetan Sachdev /

Is there something similar for Windows 7. When I connect a projector to it, it sets the resolution as 1027*768. Could someone recommend a tool/script/utility to maintain the resolution.

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Answers (4)
  • Anonymous

    have you tried to change the resolution of your laptop to a working resolution with your projector first and then plug in the projector, to see if the laptop continues to try and adjust the screen resolution?

    How to Change the Screen Resolution in Windows 7

    cloning the primary screen onto the projector. your screen and the projector have two different resolutions, only one resolution can be used for both. it will be the one of the projector, since it can´t display the high resolution of a lcd screen.

    another option is to extend the primary monitor onto the second screen which is the projector, so both “displays” would run in it´s native resolution


    Hello, what kind of connection are your using for your monitor?  and what kind of conection are you using for your projector?  If possible, can you post the graphics card installed in your system?  Have you tried updating your video card drivers?

    Grapics card have options for this whether they are integrated or discreet.  Of course a discreet card provides more advanced options depending on the card.    This has to do with the native resolution in both your projector and your monitor.  For a projector to work well with your laptop/desktop, the resolutions have to match.   Either you set the resolution to match your monitor or you set the resolution to match your projector. 

    Try the following:

    — click on start
    — control panel
    — appearance and personalization
    — display
    — click on change display settings
    — click on detect.  It should show two different displays.  If they show one on top of the other, drag one of them to the side until they are not showing on top of the other
    — click on your monitor and in the resolution option, click on the down arrow and set it to native resolution or any resolution you feel comfortable with and the monitor can handle
    — click on projector screen and do same as previous step
    — click on ok.

    Now you should have different resolutions for the projector and the monitor.  If the windows settings do not hold, try doing this in the graphics cards settings.

    As per third party utilities, you could try Ultramon:

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