Why is Mac better than Windows?
Question by Shannon /
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Everybody says that Mac is better than Windows. Why do you think this is true or untrue? I can’t decide which to choose.

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Answers (71)
  • Manny

    Ok guys here is how it goes down. I can say that I've tried most flavors of opertive systems including windows, mac, Unix, and Linux so I'll be talking about my own expirience with those. As a network administrator and not just a fool who says that knows about computers I found out this:

    Don't get me wrong I used MAC myself but there is nothing like Windows and linux why?

    Mac is user friendly it has nice features and it has a robust OS but that's about it. I mean I know It work great with certain desing programs as well as picture and music editing

  • Alex

    Guys instead of saying bull. Go to Alienware's site and look at the power and looks and PRICES of the computers. Compare them to mac and then shut up =)

  • Alex

    Hey guys, I really don't care about this argument. I own both, and they are both good. For example the operating system of the mac is simple to use (for noobies), but anything concerning games is bad. And for the "look" the macs do not look better. Go on the internet and search Alienware laptop, and you will see which one looks better. They are both nice, but the PCs have many more options into hardware and software customizing.

  • Yoshizakura

    Plus the PC users are forgetting one important thing. To get a monitor for a PC as good as the mac screen, you'd have to spend a serious amount of money.

  • Tani

    Depending on the finances, get a mac, you don't like the OS install windows on bootcamp. I own a macbook pro- don't like it. I use windows 7 on bootcamp.

    • Yoshizakura

      Had 3 PC's in 2 years. Switched to mac 4 years ago, never once had a single issue. I only go on experience. PC's are built from components by many manufacturers, therefore quality control can sometimes be hit and miss. Apple are the only people to build macs. Quality control is assured. Yes if you're a gamer, maybe a mac isn't what you need. So get a console or a PC. but really this isn't a reason to say how macs are bad. They aren't. They're just not duped up gaming machines. I wouldn't go running a race in climbing shoes.


    windows>mac ! mac SUCKS !!!!!

    • Matt

      Wow, that sure was one well thought out, intelligent, and simply inspiring statement. -_- it's people like you that truly epitomize the vast majority of simpleminded, ignorant, and stubborn PC users/debators(if you can consider your frankly idiotic statement an argument...).

    • john

      Literacy > automated thesaurus! Put your Macbook down and read a real book before you drum up more trollish insults, you pompous, bloated, spoiled brat of an oil baron! PC forever!!

  • Karl

    Well I Own Both a Mac i7 3.4Ghz and a i7 PC.

    Mac is more stable than the PC for my uses but love the fact that I have 3 screens on my PC.

    Software Wise, well same shet... Had crashes on Mac as well as Windows.

    Advantage goes to windows software wise, where I'm from it's much easier to go to a shop and get software for windows than it is to download 7gb software from app store.

    In my opinion, get what ever system makes you happy.

    Just my 5 cents

  • Bryan Stanley

    bought a pc for 1600, lasted year and a half. Now deciding on a MAC

  • Stefan Keil

    Helpless, boring, strange = PC Users

  • Ken

    From being a hardcore windows users and putting up with all the frustrations I have encountered I would honestly and simply put it that if you are buying a new computer go with apple.  The operating system is just fast and simple. 
    If you are already on windows and have an investment that you can't port over then you should stick with windows.. Good Luck

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