Why have I lost all sound on my HP Compaq Presario laptop?
Question by Myke46 /

I have lost all sounds/audio on my HP Compaq Presario Windows Vista Home Basic. All my settings suggest that everything – that I know of – is turned on and running, yet I have no sounds or any sort of audio. Help!

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Answers (2)
  • Ryan

    Well, if you’ve done the obvious and made sure the sound isn’t muted or anything I would try checking your sound drivers. Sometimes Windows Updates will install new drivers, which then don’t work and cause issues like this.

    Go to your start menu, right click on Computer, and click Manage. Click ok if it asks if you want to do this.

    Next, on the left click Device Manager. After this look for anything that has an explanation mark on it, it means its not working properly. If that looks fine click on Sound, Video, and Game Controllers. This will show all the drivers for your sound card and other devices that fall into this category. Right click on your sound driver and click Properties. Click the Drivers tab on the top of the window. If you can, click the “roll back” button and see if that gets your sound working. If this doesn’t work, you should go to HPs website and download the newest drivers for your laptop and see if that fixes it. http://www.hp.com/#Support

    Hope this helps! :]

    • Myke46

      Ryan, thank you for the solution,worked like a charm except I had to roll them back and then install the new drivers (at first it kept telling me that the currently installed drivers were up to date).Now I suppose that I need to go through and check all my drivers.Any idea as to why Vista would tell me that they are current when they are actually not (drivers)?

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