I lost my Netgear security key. What do I do?
Question by Sandra /
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I have lost my Netgear security key. I am trying to connect my printer to my wireless router. Can you help me get my security key?

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Answers (11)
  • hussein

    I lost my netgear security key

  • Barb

    I just purchased a Kindle Fire and I am not able to connect to wi-fi

  • Bob McDaniel

    I do not know what my security code is. It was set up several yrs. ago. How can I change it?

  • Kaashif Haja

    Some modems/routers have their passphrase written on the backside.
    If you haven't changed the passphrase, try it out!

  • Sohel Zaman

    Reset your router to factory settings. Problem should be solved. You will just have to click through the very very small hole with a pin to reset the router.

  • Irshaad Abdool

    usually it is written on the router itself. if not, you can (sry fr that) reset the router and set it anew

  • Mihovil Pletikos

    reseting your router is the way to solve it! and then set it up with a some password you will remember :)

  • Shakirah Faleh Lai

    Reset you router or try this: head to the Network and sharing center and next to the little house click on Home network , then choose Home network , then click on, View or change HomeGroup settings them select, view or print the homegroup password.

    Check this solution too

  • Bruce Epper

    If it is not printed on a card that came with the device (or a sticker attached to it), you may be able to get it by logging into the device (may required a wired computer to do it) and checking the Wireless Security section of the configuration. It will have the encryption type listed (should be WPA2/PSK) and it may list the key (passphrase, hex string, etc).

    If you have a Windows computer that has previously been connected to this wireless network, you can use WirelessKeyView to find all of the saved keys for every network it has ever been attached to. Just make sure you grab the right one for your system.

    32-bit http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wirelesskeyview.zip
    64-bit http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wirelesskeyview-x64.zip

    • Oron

      Excellent advice, couldn't have put it better myself! The default Admin account Netgear routers is

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