Will I lose Microsoft Word when I repair my computer using Windows Installation CD?
Question by Vanessa /
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Since System restore doesn’t work on my computer and my computer has lots of problems right now, I just want to start over without losing all my data. So I wanna repair my old Windows using my Windows Installation CD, but I dont know if I’m going to lose Microsoft Word. So do you or not?

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Answers (2)
  • Aibek

    Hey Vanessa,

    Did you try the repair CD? Let us know.


  • Mike

    First: An Repair Install is not a foolproof option to restore your systems functionality.

    The repair install removes all (and only) the system files and replaces them with the "state of the CD/DVD" meaning you will lose all subsequent Service Packs and Updates.
    As long as you install all updates etc. again Word and all other programs should work fine.

    The downside of the procedure is that any problems caused by programs or the registry won't be fixed through this method.
    Also depending on how damaged your system actually is you might not have the option to repair install it in the first place.

    Please, backup ALL your data before doing it!
    It's easier to backup the files now then trying to recover them if the repair install failed and the system won't boot up anymore.

    Since you didn't mention your Windows Version you can find all "Repair Install" guides at the following link:

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