Why can I no longer see and open files on my BlackBerry memory card?

Sanjay April 26, 2011
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My BlackBerry Storm has an additional card of 8 GB that I use also as an external pen drive. It used to work fine on my PC till a few months back.

Now, there is a problem. Whenever I connect the BlackBerry to the PC and use mass media storage option, the directory on the media card opens, but it does not show any of the files contained in the drive. It only shows an HTML file named “WMPinfo”.

When I open “My Computer”, I can see that the drive has requisite data from info on how much of drive memory is used up. But I cannot see or open any file.

The same problem had earlier happened with an external hard drive. That time I thought problem was with the drive. But since it is repeated now with Blackberry media card, it must be with the PC.

The USB slot works fine for cordless mouse and keyboard.

Given all this, I suspect problem is with PC and with software.

Please help.

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