Why can I no longer access Windows 7 after deleting Windows.old and how can I fix it?

Mursyidin Letterman April 26, 2012
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From the first time I’ve got my laptop, my siblings kept using it until one day it blacked out. So what we did was sent it to a computer shop and reset all of the program. Then it grip consciousness again. Yeah, what a relieve.

The issue is, I’ve downloaded too much software in my Windows 7 recently, so the “Local Disk(C:)” memory status bar displayed red. My older brother saw this and gone rage. He uninstalled every software I’ve downloaded and the memory status bar shown normal again. But the unsatisfied feeling in his heart somehow compelled him to delete more. And more. His bloody eyes saw this files named “Windows.old”.

I don’t know what’s that, but he thought it was useless as for the word “old”. So he delete it. And now we can’t access the “Local Disk(C:)” and even worse, we can’t delete anything that has already resided inside the laptop. Anything we downloaded since then can’t be deleted too. Then there will be notification says “Location is not available”

*So anyone, please, please, please!!! help me!! I don’t know what had happened and what to do to fix it.

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