Why can I no longer access my secured wireless internet at home?

Ryan April 9, 2010
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I went to visit a friend at university for the weekend and while I was there I took advantage of the WiFi connection they have set up for their students.

When I got home however, I discovered that I could not connect to my wireless home network. Everytime I typed in the network security key, it would not do anything for about a minute and then it would ask me for the key again.
I am able to connect to the network provided that I turn the security off but obviously this is not something I wish to do long-term. I replaced the router to no avail.

I’m certain that whatever they did to my laptop to allow me to access the internet at the university is the reason I cannot connect at home.

I’m running Windows 7 and using a Siemens router for Bell-Aliant High Speed Internet. All help is appreciated!

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