Why can I not log into my Facebook account?
Question by Allyy Babeyy /
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So I have had my account with Facebook since 2007 and I just recently deactivated the account for various reasons. The other night I had re-activated the account and logged off. When I went to log back on the next day it wouldn’t let me log in. It said “this account is already confirmed” instead of the account has been locked.

I had already requested a change in the password, and it let me change it, and try to recover the account. And it allows me to do so, but when I finish the process, it takes me back to saying my accounts already confirmed.

Now I have a lot of pictures and information on my Facebook that I don’t want lost, but I can’t seem to regain access to it whatsoever. I waited 24 hours again to see if it was a glitch in their system and it still won’t allow me to log in. I went and tried to search Google for the problem and went to the help section on Facebook and so far I can’t seem to find anything on this problem. Basically, I have no access to my account. It’s up and running, my friends on Facebook can see the profile etc, but when I try to log in, instead of it saying my account has been locked it says this account is already confirmed.

please help! :( I would even give you guys the account info to help me out. lol

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Answers (30)
  • Anton Dela Cruz

    hi! im just wondering when i deactivated today my FACEBOOK account it was appeared " facebook authentication failed" and then i often do this since january but unfortunately just today when i did deactivated and trying to login it was pop up " Account is already confirmed" so im thinking it right if my account is hacked or facebook is down?

    What will be my step to go back again on my account?
    is there possibility to retrieve my account?

    Thank you!!!

  • Barbara

    I can not figure out this new system at all. I was able to see all my favorites on the left side of AOL new and now can not find my favorites or be able to sign into my facebook or see any of my favorites that I used every day. Why was it changed????

  • janvi sharma

    I want recover my account by useing my gmail account

  • Megx Lucero

    This just happen with me, like 5mins ago. I tried to log in again after deactivating and the "this account is already confirm keeps coming up everytime I log in. But Yeeeey! Mines working now.

  • wissam tarhini

    hi my nem wissam tarhini I'm artsit paintir my Facebook account is disabled... I can 't access my account because Idon 't recognize anyone in the photo so I don 't know if I still have a facebook account I change my password ..I see..No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later...can you halp me .plez thank you

    • susendeep dutta

      " No verification methods are currently available " -

      Did you tried to recover your account after this message came?

      If you haven't violated any terms of Facebook and haven't posted nay objectionable content,then the below link would recover your account -


  • Rhonda Roberson

    I cannot log on and when I do get on, it shuts down. Can you help fix this? Thank you.

  • Nanigopal Sarkar

    Sir I Nanigopal Sarkar from Pune, i am continuously using Facebook regularly to contact with my friends and Colleague . but from 12/11/2012 i am not able to open my Facebook account. when i tried to login, your account has been temporarily blocked this type of message i found. so you are kindly request to solve my problem as soon as possible so that i could contact with my friends and colleague at the earliest please.

    • susendeep dutta

      Firstly,I would like you to know that Makeuseof is not associated with Facebook.This site has a Answers section in which people ask questions and readers who know answers try to resolve it.

      It's only you who can do any operations regarding initiating recovery of your account.

      Possible reasons that your account is temporarily blocked may be that you might had violated the terms and conditions of Facebook or misused its features like chat,posts,messages etc..

      All you can do is to login after sometime and see what it asks you to do so i.e. asking some security questions,asking to identify certain friends in your profile which can be very difficult if you had added so many in small amount of time.

  • Kane Mottley

    My account is doing the exact same thing right now! someone help lol, I deleted my browser cashe/cookies and it still won't work, when I try to log in it says 'Account Already Comfirmed' but people can still see my account, my friends say my profile is still visible

  • Kayley

    Found an answer and it works. I've done it.
    It came from here http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120918164500AAe2Bfr

    This isn't a question... This is a solution to a problem a lot of people seem to be having... So if you know someone with this problem feel free to copy and paste just make sure to mention how you got it because that was a lot of work. Lol my name is Autumn.

    I have found the solution to this common problem.... But before I begin, I would like to say I searched for a while for the solution because I was having this problem!! The people who were commenting saying you should have never done it! That's kind of rude... But anyways here are the step by step solutions...

    1.) if you have another Facebook account you need to log out of that (Facebook is going to assume the account you have a problem with is the one you are currently logged into!)

    2.) At the very bottom of the page it's going to say help (press it) after this it is going to take you to a page where you will see, "something's not working" (press it).

    3.)Under "Get help logging in" you are going to press, "Hacked, scammed etc." (yes you press this even if is a deactivation problem) Just trust me!

    4.)Under "Report a Security Problem" press "My account has been hacked" it's going to take you to a page where you press "My account has been hacked" a second time, then select "secure it here."

    5.)From there follow the steps that it gives you... If you get lost or still need help comment and let me know.

    Just to inform you I made a yahoo account just to answer this question so I don't know how long this will be up for. I don't really need another account! Have a nice day glad I can help!!

    • Amirah

      This did not help me. I followed all the steps and it still said account is already confirmed. What do I do? Thanks. Amirah

  • Kayley

    I am having this same issue. When I go to login i get an account already confirmed message and can't login. I have tried using Chrome, Explorer and firefox and also tried logging in on a different pc and still can not access my account.

    Have tried contacting fb and sent them a screen shot of what is happening and haven't had a reply at all. Sent 3 different messages.

    Any help really is appreciated.

    • sarmistha chakraborty

      when I m trying my facebook account logging a messege is showing that ' your account has been confirmed' but since 15 days ican't logging my account .. plz help me

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