Why can I not log into my Facebook account?

Allyy Babeyy October 10, 2012
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So I have had my account with Facebook since 2007 and I just recently deactivated the account for various reasons. The other night I had re-activated the account and logged off. When I went to log back on the next day it wouldn’t let me log in. It said “this account is already confirmed” instead of the account has been locked.

I had already requested a change in the password, and it let me change it, and try to recover the account. And it allows me to do so, but when I finish the process, it takes me back to saying my accounts already confirmed.

Now I have a lot of pictures and information on my Facebook that I don’t want lost, but I can’t seem to regain access to it whatsoever. I waited 24 hours again to see if it was a glitch in their system and it still won’t allow me to log in. I went and tried to search Google for the problem and went to the help section on Facebook and so far I can’t seem to find anything on this problem. Basically, I have no access to my account. It’s up and running, my friends on Facebook can see the profile etc, but when I try to log in, instead of it saying my account has been locked it says this account is already confirmed.

please help! :( I would even give you guys the account info to help me out. lol

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