Why can’t I load web pages using Windows 7 and IE9?
Question by Doug Carlile /
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My HP laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit and IE9 fails to load web pages when I click on a link. I can’t duplicate the problem on Windows XP 32-bit using IE8. What’s the problem and how do I fix it?

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Answers (3)
  • Anonymous

    Hi Try this microsoft fix it
    this will reser all IE settings and will remove plug-ins if you have on IE but will not delete favorites/Bookmarks


    Hello, Does it show you any error with regards to why it failed to load?  Can you open any page at all? or is it only some pages? does the page opens at all?  You could try clicking on the compatibility view icon.  It is the blue icon with a circle and a diagonal line going across it and it resides in the address bar.   

    If it doesn't open at all have you tried refreshing the page by either clicking the refresh icon or the F5 key?

  • Jay

    Can you explain more ?

    which is the link?
    Are you unable to open only that particular link ?
    or IE stops working after you click the link ?
    or something else ?

    It is also possible that you are something is missing some component on your laptop.

    And if IE9 is not must, you can use other browsers like firefox or chrome.
    May be, they will work without such problem you are facing with IE9.

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