How can I get a list of all installed software in Windows XP?
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How can I get a list of all installed software in Windows XP?

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Answers (6)
  • Ssm6498

    I want to build my own tool to retrieve the details((ex. version number) of all softwares installed on my machine (at least microsoft products), how can i do this? Pleaza somebody guide me 

  • Mark O’Neill

    I believe the CCleaner software program also gives you a list of your installed programs along with the option to securely delete any of them along with all associated registry files. Revo Uninstaller also does the same thing. With CCleaner, there is a portable version available on their website if you don’t want to install the program on your computer.

    • Steve

      HI camelot2302

      You could download ‘Belarc Advisor’. This free program will give you full details of all software, hardware, updates etc

      Best wishes

  • Aibek


    Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add & remove Programs.

    This will show you all additional software that you have installed.

    • Anonymous

      Yes this is the right way. Also u can add the uninstall programs from there.
      To check the running executables Goto Task Manager(Ctrl+Alt+Delete)
      And then Goto processes tab.This will tell all the processes which are running actively right now.

    • Anonymous

      Download Belarc advisor.

      Run that and it will give you a printable list of everything on or in your computer, (except the dust on your fan, you really should clean that)

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