How can I link a Hotmail account to a Outlook account?
Question by Bumferry /
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With the new change to Hotmail now being called Outlook, I thought i would update my settings.

I have a number of Hotmail accounts for different purposes. I want to link my main account and my secondary account so emails from the second account appear in the first.

Howver, when I try to set this up using Hotmail help, I get the message “unable to connect to Hotmail, please check you are connected to the Internet.

My internet connection is not the issue here, although there seems to be an issue with hotmail/outlook not liking me to be signed in to each account in a separate window at the same time.

All i want to do is have emails from one account arrive in a folder in another email account by the same company. The instructions on hotmail help are of no help so I am looking to the genius hero types on here to sort me out.

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Answers (17)
  • mondelle Hinds

    I have no idea why i cannot access my hotmail e-mails
    i do not understand this sudden change,and i am getting frustrated at this inconvenience

    • susendeep dutta

      Try clearing cache,cookies and history of your browser.Then reset your password to atleast 8 characters as few months back,this has happened to many users.

  • Christine Cisilin

    I am locked out of my hotmail address,One, I am presuming Outlook express doesn't like me having the two accounts,which are for two different reasons. Won't accept my old email account name. When I proceed to change it as they suggest,I can't get into it even then. Also my big problem is that I ordered and payed for on Hotmail an anti=virus Norton to download,cost me $59, I attempted to download it and it wouldn't do so, a binary file popped over the download part. On top of that I paid a five dollar deposit to technical support,plus with no answer for me and(said they didn't understand me) that I still got charged the full monies. I am not very happy as I have been attempted to rectify, I am two years off of seventy and I find it all complicated when you have all the rules. I understand it's for our benefit(clients),
    but now I keep getting disk reports,most I checked out and they proved okay,then another time it's another one. I have checked all the plugins to hard drive and can't find any wrong. Also It was disconnected on me at one stage,I got it back,
    and (wasn't too sure) as I have a bundled with my telephone and mobile,if it was -under dial up,I didn't think so. I am anxious to get my antivirus returned. Surely you can unlock my computer for me Please. Yes I speak English. What's the use of changing my password,and it not accepting why is that please?Hope You can be of some help. I am on pension and can't afford to pay big on repairs.(Old age). Christine.

  • sharon

    can you set up my hot mail account with outlook express

  • syed Muhammad Ali naqvi shah

    I found a way to manually add your Hotmail to Office Outlook 2007 without needing Outlook Connector, AND it will show your emails in your regular folders instead of adding a new group of folders.

    1) Go to Tools, and Account Settings from within Office Outlook 2007.

    2) Click the "New" button. A dialog box pops up titled "Add New Email Account"… leave it selected on "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP". Click the NEXT button.

    3) Click "Manually configure server settings" check box at bottom of window, and click NEXT.

    4) Fill in all information. For the incoming mail server, list ""… and for the outgoing mail server, list "". Click the "MORE SETTINGS" button.

    5) In the Outgoing Server tab, check the box "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication". Select the radio button "Use same settings as my incoming mail server."

    5) Click on the "Advanced" tab…

    Incoming Server (POP3) is 995

    Check the box that says "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"

    Outgoing Server (SMTP) is 587

    Use the following type of encryption: Set this to TLS

    6) Click the "OK" button.

    7) Click the "NEXT" button, then the "FINISH" button. Your email should now work.

  • Rob Berry

    If you type in into google on "How to add hotmail to Outlook" it should provide some promising results that should answer your query

    • Bumferry

      Thanks, but i often find that searching on google or any search engine brings up a more rubbish than actual good advice. that's why i use this website. I often find there's someone who knows the score and helps me out . thanks anyway.

    • Xander Ver

      So Bumferry, I have the same issues here. I want to connect my outlook accounts to my hotmail. I have several accounts now. Hotmail has been already my basic account for several adresses. Now Outlook is here and it does not work.
      "linking your Hotmail accounts together so switching between them is fast and easy." well, this does noet work.
      Did you try the cookies suggestion? Do we choose forwarding mail? Or do we wait?

  • susendeep dutta

    This is fault from Microsoft's end and all you can do is to clear browser cookies.Have a look at the news article to know more -

  • ferdinan Sitohang

    The other option beside what Bruce said is by forwarding your email from secondary email account into the main email account. Just go to options -> more options -> Managing your account -> email forwarding, then enter your main email. It will automatically forward your email into your main email account. Thank you

    • Bumferry

      I will give this a try, Its not exactly what i wanted, but it would save me the hastle of having to log in and out every time i want to check a different account. cheers.

    • Bumferry

      Okay - looked into this and it seems that i would have to sign in at least once every 720 days, which isnt ideal. if all else fails i will resort to this one, thanks though.

  • Bruce Epper (or for that matter) will not let you be logged into two accounts simultaneously which is what it sounds like you are trying to do. Instead, log into your primary account. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner and select 'More mail settings'. On the next page, select 'Sending/receiving email from other accounts'. If you just want to receive emails from those accounts, select the option to either receive (and/or) send from the account and enter your username and password for the second account. The defaults for,, addresses should work without needing to alter any of the advanced settings. This is how I have my primary and test accounts at hotmail set up.

    • Bumferry

      This is the way i have tried to connect my emails together, but keep getting the message that outlook can not connect to hotmail - which seems very silly to me.
      when it has been successful for one of my hotmail accounts, i typed in my hotmail address and password and a yellow box saying "you appear to be trying to connect a hotmail account - click here" appeared. I clicked this box and it seemed to work but only for one of my accounts. thanks anways.

    • Rich

      Hi Bumferry. Did you sort your problem out with adding other microsoft email addresses to your outlook email. Not via forwarding or switching method but the pop 3 method. Had this problem for ages linking hotmail and live accounts. Please help.

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