Can I limit visibility of posts to my Facebook wall by others to only them and me?

Snoody September 2, 2011
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I currently have my wall set to read-only. Nobody is allowed to post to it. This is mostly because I have some friends that would post highly dubious things to it (and have in the past) that I wouldn’t want all my work colleagues to see. You can imagine the kind of drunken stupidness people get up to.

So I had to disable all friends from writing to the wall.

It would be nice if I could either allow only specific lists to be able to post, or to allow people to post, but those posts would initially be visible to only me and the poster. They’d never know that not everyone can see it.

Once I see it’s a fairly safe post, I could then change it’s visibility (which according to Jay in another post on this site, is now possible, but I haven’t been able to confirm this).

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