How can I limit the bandwidth of computers on my network?
Question by Anurag Tidke /

How can I limit the bandwidth to computers connected to my router via LAN and wireless?

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  • Freud Iomc

    “throttle” them using QoS. Use the source Luke…

  • Anonymous

    That depends on what type of router you have. Some router allow you to do packet shaping, QOS, blacklist a site and ability to limit bandwidth and much more. However, if you are looking for software solution blocking certain windows application(s) that you have control, you can do this using netlimiter.

  • Anonymous

    The easy way to do it is if you have access to you Access Point and set the QOS up to change LAN and WLAN usage most Access Points have this option it is done by MAC address. I have a medium ranged Netgear and I have the option, hence I am the one who controls all the incoming and outgoing traffic

  • ‘Nicholas Ng

    Well, you can by installing NetLimiter 2, a interesting software that limits the bandwidth on the computer you installed on. . One license will cost about 30usd but they give a 30 days free trial.

    • Harish Jonnalagadda

      Yeah I have been using NetLimiter with a lot of success over the years!

  • Rajaa Chowdhury


    Your question is a bit open-ended. Do you want to impose a bandwidth piping for internet access and do you mean the network of computers for your institution or company enterprise, then you can look into the solutions from BlueCoat Packetshaper or some other similar solutions. However, these are meant for enterprises and costs a decent amount of money.

    • Anonymous

      well , i am having my internet plan of speed 2mbps and there are four connections ,so if one of the user starts download then router diverts all the bandwidth for that user ,mean while all the other users have to wait for finishing downloads. so i want to restrict speed limit of typical user without telling him from my pc .
      is there is any way i can do this ?

    • Rajaa Chowdhury

    • Rajaa Chowdhury

      Look into a software known as Bandwidth Controller from . A 10 user standard license costs around $30 which should suffice your need. You can purchase the license online from .

    • Giriraj Ranawat

      No need for paying anything, take advantage of ARP Protocol. Use the software called netcut which will show you the IP addresses of all the PCs using the internet in your LAN and then you can individually cut there internet access. NETCUT is just amazing I have cut off the bandwidth of my friend connected to the LAN

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