Why has the light next to my computer’s power button started blinking non-stop?
Question by John /

My PC tower’s power button has a light indicator next to it. Recently, it has been blinking non-stop? Why? How do I locate the source of this blinking light?

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Answers (4)
  • Butterfleye73

    To add to his question……I have an Emachine tower.  The power button keeps blinking blue on and off.  The computer is on and running and seems to be working fine.  I have tried shutting it down and restarting and it is the same thing.  This just started yesterday.  What could it be?????  Thanks

    • Tina


      I’m afraid there is not much sense to add to an old question as few people will see your comment. If you have an issue that wasn’t solved already, i.e. in previous answers, please ask a new question. Thank you!

  • Jonathan

    if your hard drive light flashes continuously, it probably means your pc does not have enough ram, so what the pc does is it uses your hard drive for swap, so the pc uses part of your hard drive as ram, but it is very slow, so upgrade your ram, that might solve the problem.

    OR it may be that your antivirus is scanning your hard drive continuously if you have one..

  • Mike

    Usually there are two lights on the tower, one is the power indicator which should be lit constantly and the other one usually is the Hard Disk activity.

    If none has been blinking/lit before I can only assume it’s not connected properly and some vibration or so caused it to get a signal.

    Of course this only represents the general setup. You should look into your computers/towers manual to see what the LED is supposed to indicate and then make a judgement whether it’s abnormal or not connected properly.

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