Why won’t my Lexmark X5410 printer take new and original ink cartridges?

Paulah May 13, 2011
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I have a Lexmark X5410 All in One. I know about Lexmark’s LAME failsafe measures to keep people from getting refills or controlling their ink levels, but I replaced the orig cartridges (28 & 29) with Lexmark 32 & 33 (Ink COMBO PACK purchased from Best Buy), which STATES compatibility with X5410 ON THE BOX.

I get “Unsupported Cartridge” error from the Lexmark Software, and “Right cartridge Incorrect” “Left cartridge Incorrect” errors on the printer’s display! I tried Lexmark online solutions, nothing changed.

Does anyone have any experience with resolving this (#%&*!!!) problem?

Now I’m out another $40 some dollars for cartridges I can’t return. And yes – I KNOW – I’m trying to replace the ink with cartridge numbers that are NOT the same, however, the correct printer model is CLEARLY marked on the packaging of the new cartridges. I want my printer to work! But barring that, I want my dang money back… this is infuriating! HELPPPP!! Anyone?

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