How can I leave notes in directories or folders in Windows 7?

Bill Tarkington March 5, 2011
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PC Magazine once produced a free software they called ‘Explorer Notes‘, which permitted the user to annotate (type in) notes, remarks, reminders, almost anything textual in nature. One could recall this text at will. I used it to make note of things I likely would not remember next time I opened that particular Directory or Folder.

I found it most useful, but it no longer works once I upgraded to Windows 7. Ever since I have been looking for a similar piece of software free or otherwise to do the same thing. But no luck, perhaps because I do not know how to properly describe or categorize it. My head tells me, that surely there is something out there that will do what I want, but my searches have produced nothing close far.

So, can anyone point me to software that will do the same thing more or less? Tried to get PC Magazine to update and reissue it, but no luck.

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