Why does my laptop not turn on?
Question by Nesha /
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My laptop is not turning on. I took battery out, cleaned and it’s still not working. Do I need a new battery?

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Answers (9)
  • Tntreefplus

    How can I turn my laptop on

  • travis

    i have a  gateway mx3215 and it wont turn on what is going on

  • chandan singh bisht

    i hav a acer travelmate .....there is charge light but still my lappy didnt turn on ............some suggest what may b  the problem

  • Itexpert47

    I have same problem but I'm enter the charger jack then i have only light on for bettry charge but my laptop not turn on please give me suggestion 

  • Aibek

    Hi Nesha,

    Didi you try the suggestions above? Any more info you can provide regarding the problem? Let us know.


  • Bobaloub

    need more info here...are there any lights on when you plug it in? try to jiggle the plug around maybe you have a loose jack connection inside the laptop. make sure the adapter is working check it with a voltmeter or take it into a shop and ask them to check it, I always did that for free. But if the adapter is ok and there's no charge lights etc. come on when you plug it in then probably you'll have to tear it apart to find the problem.
    not an expert here...used to manage a repair shop

  • Tina


    what do you mean you cleaned? What and how?

    Did you try to run the laptop on AC power, i.e. plug in the cord? You don't need a battery if you have the power supply attached. Of course the power supply must be plugged into a wall socket on the other end.

    What type of laptop is this and what happened before it stopped turning on?

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