What can I do with an old laptop that won’t turn on anymore?
Question by Ricardo Cao /

I have an old laptop just sitting at home and I have been wanting to get ideas for projects I can do with the spare parts that I have. Almost every single part still works: screen, ram, hard drive, fan, etc… The full laptop is not functional anymore as the motherboard is dead but most of the spare parts work.

I am looking for suggestions about projects that I could do with the spare parts. Preferably projects that are cheap!

Thank you.

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Answers (22)
  • Abba Jee

    either you can pay some money to repair it from market or sell its parts ( something is better than nothing )

  • Jim Chambers

    On many laptop motherboards there is a surface mount fuse labelled F1. Short across it with a fine piece of wire and the laptop may come back from the dead.

  • Declan Lopez

    you could make an external hard drive, you can easily find cheap enclosures online

  • vasu gupta

    reconstruct it or just sell it for a few bucks

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    a good advice: if you r interested in computers, just try to disassemble the Laptop. find a compatible main-board for a cheap price nd fix it. you’ll get to know the hard ware. you’ll exp disassembling. then finally, sell the working laptop nd make some money! win win. :D

  • Angel Vinod

    Well, what I’d do is to get a cheap motherboard, and assemble this laptop such that it looks like a helpful Item on my study desk, Seperate screen from the keyboard and it’ll look cool.

  • EL

    Take it apart, and then try putting it back together!

  • Vishwang Bhaskar

    reuse and recycle the parts u can …… liked the fish tank idea :)

  • Brian

    I had the same issue, I sold the parts on ebay.

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