What can I do if my laptop speakers are not working?
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What to do if my laptop spears are not working. Even if I plug in external speakers or headphones it’s not working.

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Answers (13)
  • Jimmy Testicals

    Update your speakers...I have the same problem but my laptop is screwed

  • prasun

    my laptop model is dell inspiron n4030.I was working with my sound default format.i changed the format during a video being played,after i applied the changes suddnely my left speaker stopped playing sound...please help

  • umar cool`

    plz tell me that my lo
    eptopes speakers has been cracket soulution kangar

  • brijesh

    my laptop speaker softwere removed,i need new softwere

  • nawang

    respected sir/mam,
    model HP pavilion g6: inbuilt laptop speakers is not working and headphone jeck is working good.pls sol my problem . thanking you.

  • James Bruce

    I think the most likely solution is that you muted it, either in software through the windows interface or via a hardware switch. The most obvious solution is usually the correct one. 

  • Juan Marco

    I think the sound files is missing! Wipe the hard disk and then you will able to hear the sound again.

  • Anonymous

    try microsft fix it tool

    ---Click Start , and type Sound into the Start Search field.
    ---Click Sound from the results under the Programs list.
    ---From the Sound window, select your Playback Device and click the Set Default button:

    update driver
    Click Start , and type device manager into the Start Search field. Then click Device Manager in the Programs list.

    Device Manager opens.

    Double-click Sound, video and game controllers .

    Right-click the name of the audio device listed under Sound, video and game controllers.

    Select Update Driver Software . or choose uninstal and reboot then let windows to instal a new one

  • Jay

    Use system restore and restore to a point when  laptop could play sound normally.
    There is nothing harmful in system resore as you can undo it.


    Hello, Were the speakers working ok until recently?  Did you update drivers or install a program for audio recently?  Usually, If the internal/external speakers and headphones do not work is because the only thing common to all three things, the sound card, does not have the right drivers or the drivers became corrupted.  There is also the possibility that the sound card went south.

    To begin troubleshooting, start at the basics.  Have you run the sound troubleshooter in your computer?  Try to run it, select the problems you are having and see if you can solve it that way.

    The basic step you can take, is to check if your sound is not set to
    mute.  You can do that either by right clicking on the sound icon in
    your taskbar or if your laptop has a sound wheel, make sure that it is
    not all the way down.  If the wheel is all the way down, move it up a
    little bit and try playing a sound file.  If you can not hear, keep
    moving it up until you can hear any sound.  Most laptops have a keyboard
    key, where you can mute, turn volume up/down.  It is usually accessed
    by pressing the FN key + the specific key for sound.

    You can also try running the dxdiag command and see what it says.  To run it, do the following:

    -- click on start
    -- click run or if running windows 5/vista type in search box the following
    -- type: dxdiag
    -- press enter
    -- select the sound tab on menu
    -- run tests and see what the results are in the notes area
    -- if you are running XP, navigate to last page in menu and it will show you troubleshooters for different categories.
    -- make sure to record the error number mentioned if any
    -- either research the error number and/or posted here.

    You can also try updating the drivers for you sound card.  If after downloading and installing the new drivers, it tells you that there is no recognized device for sound, chances are there is something wrong with the hardware itself. 

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