Why doesn’t my laptop play HD video smoothly via KM Player?

Mishaal September 5, 2012
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I recently purchased DELL E4300 (laptop), it has a 64MB video card with 2GB shared memory of RAM.

I don’t know much about computers but my friend also has a laptop with even less specs than mine’s but still it plays all HD videos and every format. I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed in my laptop. One more thing is that its runs 1080p video smooth in VLC player but the same video hangs in KM player, I actually prefer to use KMplayer because it loads subtitles easily and I dont how to load subtitles in VLCplayer, can anyone help me because I love to watch movies but this problem forces me to watch low quality videos.

I think that my laptop should play all types of videos u can see its specs on google (or here http://www.mega.pk/laptop_products/4704/Dell-Latitude-E4300.html).. All i know that my friend’s laptop have 64 MB video card but do not have any shared memory.

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