Why does my laptop fan make so much noise?
Question by Charlie Player /
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I bought a new HP Pavilion laptop. It has 8GB of RAM, a Core i7 processor and 2GB discrete graphics. When I’m playing the game my laptop fan makes a lot of noise, though it goes away when I’m not playing it. I bought my laptop 2 weeks ago. Why does this happen?

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Answers (28)
  • Ronald Harris@Best Computer Deals Reviews

    Hi Charlie..

    Maybe the spec's of your laptop didn't meet the requirement of the game :)
    just my opinion..or you can use overclocking to boast the speed of your laptop.

  • Roomy Naqvy

    bonioloff is right. It is usually about cleaning the fan. I get that noise on my desktop and then one of those days, I take my PC to my technician, who just cleans it pretty well.

  • Bumferry Hogart

    I had a similar problem with my laptop (although it was 4 years old) it seemed that the fan was not balanced properly and was slightly rubbing against some wires.
    If you clean the fan with some cue tips and blow out any dust or hair with an air spray can this might help. otherwise it could be a faulty fan.
    Others have suggested on here that it could be that a driver is not upto date which could also be the issue.
    I would try their suggestions first but a good clean out won't do it any harm either.
    good luck.

  • Alex Perkins

    The heat generated by the GPU and CPU needs to be moved out somehow, get a laptop cooling pad with a 180mm or larger fan.

  • Calle Sweden

    I would think that it is dirty. My friend used a vacuum cleaner on the holes where the air came out, and it worked! But i do not recommend it, since it could destroy it :/

  • cstruwig

    The fan is compensating for the extra heat generated by you CPU and GPU when under load.

    You will find the exact same thing happen when using 7zip to compress large files for instance.
    Tip: Make sure that you notebook's air vents are not obstructed.
    Using you notebook on your bed or soft surfaces could restrict air flow.

  • Nikhil Chandak

    ask ur laptop company
    So SIMPLE ..

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    this is a simple question. :) you know, a game is a lot of work for any device. whether it's on a mobile device, a laptop or a desktop. the system has to render a massive amount of 3D data, as well as process all the game data. this give a lot of load to the processor and the GPU.

    when the load gets high on the device, it makes a lot of heat.

    so the device has to be cooled accordingly. since your laptop is a new one, dust is not an issue. what you are hearing is the fan speeds getting increased to cool off the internal parts such as the GPU and the CPU. GPU might be the culprit here. if you think this is annoying, try buying a cooling pad for the laptop and place the laptop on it while you play games. this will provide the laptop with additional cooling and the fans will automatically reduce its speed accordingly. :)

    Happy gaming! :)

  • Henry Lahman

    Your laptop is hot
    heat is not good for electronics

    it uses the fan as a method of cooling
    if you want to reduce the noise safely you need to cool the laptop down
    if you want to risk overheating it you can download tools to change the fanspeed

    playing games uses RAM, VRAM, CPU and GPU
    these things get hot

  • Ahmed Khalil

    when play games the processor and display card consume more power and this leads to more heat production and this need the fan to work faster to make effective cooling

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