Why won’t my laptop connect to my college wireless?

Qwazz Bre October 20, 2012
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My college uses a wireless connection for students that requires the user to login via a webform before using the wireless connection. To be specific, when someone connects to the wireless hotspot for the first time, then tries to load a webpage, it redirects to their login and once that’s verified, browsing is open to them as per usual.

Problem is, for some reason, my laptop refuses to load it. I’ve tried three different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) and all of them time out. Chrome reported a DNS lookup failure of some kind – I didn’t save it.

It’s not the connection’s fault, though. Other students use it fine, and my kindle can use it fine. But not the laptop. It used to work last semester, but I’m guessing I must have changed a setting that’s causing this to happen.

So – any tips on where to check for problems? I know this is somewhat vague, but I don’t know what else to add.

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