How can I get past K9 web protection on Windows?
Question by rutaba /
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I have Windows on my system. In fact, a shared system of my institute and there is K9 web protection applied, so I don’t have access to many of the websites. I don’t have admin password, just login by using student assigned login.
Please help me out! Is there any way to get rid of that K9 web protection? Kindly do help me.

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Answers (39)
  • Mommy2012

    what if theres a proxy avoidance block on k9 web protection

  • Vanillablock

    i have my own laptop ca anyone help me with that

  • Zara

    it needs the admin password to move the file

  • potatoman

    hi for all you dumbasses posting about how you should just ask permission or some bullshit like that the whole reason people ask these questions is because they dont want to do that so dont answer with that time wastiing bullshit

  • Spencer

    Super easy... just go to control pannel and go to add or remove software and click K9 web protection and get rid of it!
    NOTE: this will completly get rid of the program

  • Rafiq05_88

    type in the following address   "  """ . this address will bypass the login page of k9 and take you directly to is homepage.. you can delete the blocked websites list there.
    have fun guys!!!

  • Moldlen

    This won't let me do it without admin passwords, anything I can do without having the admin passwords?

  • TeddyG

    this might not work for everyone, but try it. install a key logging software....get the password for K9 admin, so any time you wanna use the blocked sites u can temporarily disable K9.....

  • Ter

    i need your help give me sites to unblok k9 but proxie sites are bloked as well help me please it is a pain in the but

  • Dagsgsdhahfsdg

    i have no problem with k9, the problem is though that k9 blocks to much stuff so i cant even look at movie reviews without my parents premission.

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