Can I use both Joomla and WordPress platforms at the same Xampp server?
Question by neutmoody /

I’m using XAMPP server for my local Joomla project. I am new to WordPress. I want to use WordPress as local host also. Can I use both platform at the same Xampp server?

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Answers (2)
  • Neutmoody

    Thanks for helping,Josh.

  • Josh Fox

    Yes, you can do this quite easily. All you need is a separate directory for each platform in the “htdocs” folder in the installation. You can even use the same database, but creating separate databases makes it a little easier to manage, especially if you plan on taking it from your XAMPP server to a live server.To access it once you have your files in place, the URL will be localhost/{platform} replacing {platform} with whatever directory you put the installation in.EDIT: Even if you already have one installed into the base directory, you can still use a sub-directory for the new installation.

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